Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the organising committee, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to the 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Public Health 2017 in Kuching, Malaysia. This conference starts on Monday 11 September and concludes on Wednesday 13 September 2017. This conference is being organised by the College of Public Health Medicine, Academy of Medicine Malaysia and is supported by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

This conference will focus on health-related Sustainable Development Goals. This conference theme is “Realizing the Sustainable Development Goals Aspirations on Health”. In 2012, the United Nations had set 17 Global Goals with 169 targets that all 191 member states, including Malaysia, have agreed to work towards by 2030. An integral part of development in any nation is maintaining the health of its. Sustainable Development Goal 3 contains 13 health-related targets aligned with WHO spectrum of work. The Sustainable Development Goal philosophy of “no one left behind” and this forum will be the energizer in our work towards improving equity and meeting the needs of our public, especially for the vulnerable groups.

The conference will bring together, from all over the world, an estimated 800 professionals. The conference will take place in a truly global spirit, accommodating contributions from all parts of the world and in particular, the Asia Pacific Region. It will take stock of the situation and map strategies for new innovations and initiatives toward further success in realising the sustainable development goals.

The organising and scientific committees are working diligently to ensure a successful conference of high quality. The program features many renowned speakers with diverse public health expertise from all parts of the world and in particular, the Asia Pacific Region.


Dr Sha’ari Ngadiman, Chairman, Organizing Committee

Dr Amal Nasir Mustafa, Chairman, Scientific Committee