Programme Synopsis

Keynote Address

Urbanisation Challenges for Health

6 Pre-Conference Workshops

  1. First Steps into R Software in Public Health.
  2. Management of Urban Outbreak.
  3. Measuring Urban Food Security: Implication on Targeting, Monitoring and Evaluating Food Programme.
  4. Creating Centre of Excellence for Diabetic Management at Primary Care.
  5. D-I-D Analysis for Health Impact Evaluation.
  6. Chemical, Biological, Radiation, Nuclear & Explosion (CBRNE) Health Threats Intervention in Urbanised Environments (External Site Visit).

2 Plenaries

  1. Cities Getting to Zero.
  2. Military Medicine.

3 Forums

  1. Governance, Built Environment and Urban Health.
  2. Socio Economic Development and Urban Health.
  3. Population Right is Human Right: NCD Perspective.

12 Symposiums

  1. Urban Systems to Address Non-Communicable Disease.
  2. Population Ageing: Issues and Challenges.
  3. Aviation Medicine – Provision of Specialised Care in Urban Public and Private Settings.
  4. Urbanisation and Social Determinant of Health.
  5. Health Program Impact Evaluation: Countries Experiences.
  6. Application of Underwater & Hyperbaric Medicine in Urban Development.
  7. Access to Health in Urban Settings.
  8. Zero Transmission Project.
  9. Training Public Health Medicine Specialist.
  10. Operational Medicine – Humanitarian Assistance Mission in Cox’s Bazaar.
  11. Wellness & Family Health.
  12. A Smart and Healthy City.